Voice of the Rockies on the Road


April 26th

Mount Powell Bible Baptist Church

Thoreau, New Mexico

Pastor Frank Booher

Pastor Frank Booher, Luke Emel and Evangelist Emel

What a blessing to be able to be invited to this church. Pastor Frank started the church over 48 years. 

It was great to be able to have my kids see a man of God, stay faithful for so lone.   God has really used and blessed him.

I wish we had more pastors that are as faithful.


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April 12th - 14th

"God Save America Conference"

Central Baptist Church

Amarillo, TX

Pastor Jerald Chadwick


The Lord blessed us in giving us the opportunity of attending this great conference.

Our heart was really stirred and broken for America.  Please pray that God will do something great in our land.

Friends who attended.

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22 March, 2010

Temple Baptist Church

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pastor Jim Velasquez

Pastor Velasquez and Evangelist Emel

Our Daughter Becky, Cathy Velasquez and Debby Emel

March 8, 2014

Bible Baptist Church

Grants, New Mexico

Pastor Archie Barnes


Pastor Barnes and Evangelist Emel

Pastor Barnes has been pastor of Bible Baptist Church for 48 years.  Wow!!!  I love when men of God stay faithful to where they are called!

Please pray for Pastor Barnes and Bible Baptist church as they seek a man of God to pass the torch.

Pictures of Bible Baptist Church

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Temple Baptist Church

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Pastor Jim Velasquez

Dec 31, 2014

Pastor Velasquez and Evangelist Emel

Our Daughter Becky, Cathy Velasquez and Debby Emel

Valley Bible Baptist Church

Espanola, New Mexico

Pastor Brian McMath


March 1st - 2nd

Evangelist Emel and Pastor McMath

Pastor McMath has been pastor of Valley Bible Baptist Church since 1993. Since then, God has grown his ministry to about 100 people on Sunday morning and 60 on Sunday night.  Please pray for them as they continue to build a new auditorium and classrooms debt-free.

Landmark Baptist Church

Walsenburg, Colorado

Pastor Richard Scott


November 2nd - 3rd

Pastor Richard Scott Evangelist Britain Emel

Pastor Scott has been pastor of Landmark for about 3 years.  Please pray that God will continue to use him and the ministry of Landmark Baptist Church.

East Drive Baptist Church

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Pastor Louis Holguin

September 7th - 8th

                                Evangelist Britan Emel and Pastor Louis Holguin                                    Bro Eric Holguin and Evangelist Britain Emel


                                                                                  Evangelist Britain Emel preaching "Stir Yourself UP"          

Pastor Holguin has been pastor of East Side Baptist church since 1981.  Wow!  We sure need pastors that are faithful as Pastor Holguin!

Please pray for his son Eric Holguin as he is preparing to start a church in Kentucky.  We sure need more churches like East Side to continue to preach the Gospel.  I pray for Pastor Holguin and his son Eric. I know God will do great things in their lives. 


Penrose Baptist Church

Penrose Colorado

Pastor Keith Bates

September 7th - 8th


Evangelist Britain Emel/Pastor Bates

Mrs Emel and Mrs Bates


Pastor Bates has been pastor for the last 5 years.

During this time, Penrose has been able to set up a Soul-winning program and in the near future, they plan to start a Bus Ministry.

I praise the Lord for a Pastor that has a vision and burden for souls!